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Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy Building Addition

In an ever-changing healthcare universe, the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy prides itself on its evolving curriculum. As a leading educational institution that offers a rich environment in research, clinical practice, and strategic healthcare partnerships that enhance pharmacy practice models, our state-of-the-art facility will allow students to explore the dynamic state of healthcare and the changing role of the pharmacist as a primary healthcare provider.

Pharmacy students at Rutgers today are preparing to enter a much more patient-centered, clinically-driven profession. While completing the rigorous basic science and therapeutics-based components that form the core of the six-year curriculum, students increasingly require training and practice in counseling diverse patients to provide medication therapy management; interaction with other healthcare providers; and acquisition of new skills to prepare them for a healthcare delivery system that will rely on their ability to provide direct patient care. The successes of Rutgers students will be enhanced with the remarkable overhaul of William Levine Hall and provide an outlet for a higher caliber learning experience.

The addition to the School of Pharmacy triples pharmacy practice teaching space and increases the overall footprint of the Pharmacy School by 50%.  

First Floor 

Second Floor 

Additional Images:

Lecture Hall

Pharmacy Practice Suite

Administrative Suite 

Atrium: Picture 1Picture 2

Group Study Space

Mock IV Admixture Lab

Simulation SuitePicture 1Picture 2


We need your support!

Be a part of the expansion of the Ernest Mario School of
Pharmacy building. There are a number of naming opportunities still available
within the building. By making a gift of $10,000 or above, your name will be
showcased on the donor wall in the main atrium. A gift of $10,000 or above can
be paid over a five year period, which can be paid at less than $170 per
. Maximize your giving. Find out if your company participates in matching
your gift!

Give today to support the future of the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy. For more information, contact Dan Barnett, Director of Development at 848-445-6245.


Watch the Progress Now!

Watch as the building progresses towards completion in the fall of 2017. Up to date images are captured approximately every 10 minutes, and can be seen using the link below! 


Watch the signed beam being lifted here.