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Change In Professional Electives Requirement

Change In Professional Electives Requirement

The following change in the professional electives requirement during the professional years will be in effect for all students starting the first professional year in the Fall of 2014 and thereafter (Class of 2018 and beyond).

To enhance the robust and well rounded experience our curriculum provides, at least one of the five required professional electives must be a two-credit clinical elective course. In the past, students who completed these electives experienced a much easier transition into the APPE rotation sequence and performed better than their peers, especially in early clinical experiences. These electives are designed to develop problem solving, critical thinking, communication and clinical decision making skills through a small classroom, active learning environment with a focus on application of knowledge to clinical situations.

Courses that fulfill the clinical elective requirement include the following:

30:725:422 Gerontology Pharmacy Practice
30:725:481 Pediatric Pharmacy Practice
31:725:484 Women's Health Issues
30:725:485  Herbals and Alternative Medicine
31:725:577 Concepts in Palliative Care and End-of-Life Care
31:725:578 Strategies in HIV Therapeutics
31:725:579 Advanced Pharmacotherapy Applications
31:725:581 Advanced Neuropsychiatric Pharmacology
31:725:582 Critical Care Pharmacotherapy

Please be aware that with current space resources and pre-requisites the classes are only available in the P3 year. Also note that the number of professional electives is unchanged at five courses, however one of the five must be from the list above.