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Facilities and resources-Pharmaceutical Science Program


The majority of the laboratories and offices of the faculty in the Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Science are housed on the Busch Campus in the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy and the adjacent Laboratory for Cancer Research (LCR). Other facilities are also located on the Busch Campus in the Chemistry Building, Chemical Engineering, Environmental & Occupation Health Sciences Institute (EOHSI), and by the Livingston Campus at the Gordon Road Facility. These laboratories are well-equipped for cutting-edge research in cellular/molecular biology, metabolism and disposition, drug transport, drug delivery, pharmacogenetics, pharmacogenomics pharmacology, signal transduction, chemistry, and in vivo animal studies.


Many collaborative projects are ongoing with our clinical faculty in the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Administration in the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy and UMDNJ at several adjacent hospitals including Robert Wood Johnson and St. Peters Hospitals in New Brunswick, St. Barnabus Hospital Livingston, Hackensack Hospital and the Princeton Medical Center in Princeton.


State-of-the-art equipments for performing research in the several multidisciplinary areas of research performed by our faculty are available. Equipment includes many of those found in most modern biopharmaceutics laboratories. In addition, the participation of our diverse faculty in several of the Rutgers University and UMDNJ sponsored Centers and Institutes (see Links in the Other Resources Section, below) provide additional resources including DNA and Protein Sequencing Facilities, Fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) analysis, Confocal Microscopy, LC MS/MS Support, Animal support, Proteomic, and DNA microarray facilities.  

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