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Pharmacy Practice and Administration

The mission of the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Administration is to train pharmacists who will ensure that society benefits from the safe and effective use of medications. Our faculty are dedicated to its achievement through service that reaches across many practice settings. We teach students, mentor postgraduate residents, care for patients at our clinical practice sites, collaborate with practicing pharmacists and other colleagues, conduct clinical and outcomes research, and provide extensive outreach services to the community. These one-on-one interactions between faculty and the people we serve make the department the face of pharmacy for the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy.   

Marc Sturgill
Associate Professor
and Chair


Pharmacy Education

Our first responsibility is to educate the next generation of pharmacists who will practice patient-centered, population-based pharmaceutical care in all its varied environments. We prepare students to have the academic knowledge, practical experience, and professional values of a pharmacist. Click here to see the PharmD curriculum. Our work in professional education includes:

  • Classroom teaching. Our faculty members teach the majority of courses that constitute the second and third professional years of the PharmD program. This coursework covers core areas of pharmacy practice, including therapeutics, pharmacokinetics, and evidence-based medication management of many diseases.  
  • Clinical rotations. Our clinical rotation program is one of the country’s most diverse, encompassing experiential learning in many practice specialties and professional settings.  Students become competent and confident practitioners of pharmacy during their second, third, and fourth professional year.
  • Faculty mentorship. Our students benefit from the mentorship of faculty members who are teachers in the classroom, preceptors at clinical practice sites, and advisors to student groups and organizations. Faculty members model the values, ethics, and attitudes of the pharmacy profession for their students.
  • Postgraduate residencies. The department contributes to the advanced education of new pharmacists through our Post-Graduate Clinical Residency Program, which provides one- and two-year residencies at the clinical practice sites of several faculty members.

Clinical Practice, Service, and Research

All of our 45 faculty members are teachers and practicing pharmacists, working in healthcare settings throughout New Jersey. These clinical professors provide pharmaceutical services to hospitals, medical centers, health clinics, community and retail pharmacies, and other practice sites. Through clinical practice, our faculty members:

  • provide direct patient care and optimal management of medication regimens
  • collaborate with physicians and other providers as members of multidisciplinary healthcare teams
  • share current drug information and emerging pharmaceutical knowledge with pharmacists, physicians, and other providers
  • mentor pharmacy students, via clinical rotations, and new pharmacists, via postgraduate residencies, at their practice sites
  • engage in research in areas related to pediatrics, nephrology, neuropsychiatry, pharmacoeconomics, and pharmacoepidemiology.

Our service to clinical pharmacy extends beyond the practice sites of our faculty. We offer structured postgraduate education and training that keeps alumni, pharmacists, and industry colleagues current on the latest skills and knowledge in our rapidly evolving profession. We share drug information with pharmacists and other practitioners through a dedicated drug information center.

Community Outreach and Service

Communities across New Jersey and around the world enjoy better health and improved wellbeing through the volunteer efforts of the department’s faculty, students, and staff. We are dedicated to bringing expert pharmaceutical care to vulnerable and underserved communities. Among our recent outreach efforts are:

  • health education, disease screening, and medication-awareness programs for groups including seniors, state workers, and other members of the public
  • medication reviews for Medicare recipients under the New Jersey Drug Safety Initiative
  • one-on-one advising sessions for seniors eligible to enroll or change prescription drug plans under Medicare
  • volunteer staffing of collection sites for expired and unused medicines through Operation Medicine Cabinet
  • the annual Operation Medication Awareness program, bringing high-quality health, medication, and wellness education to seniors since 1985
  • and many other initiatives.

Professional and Industry Partnerships

The department provides extensive services to health care organizations and institutions, professional organizations, government agencies, and industry. We are home to the Institute for Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowships, which each year places more than 80 promising PharmD graduates from all over the United States into challenging positions in clinical research, regulatory affairs, product development, and other specialty areas. It is the largest such program of its kind in the country.