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Pharmacy Scholarships

Recipients of School of Pharmacy scholarships exemplify the kind of student the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy and our donors wish to support. Academic merit, financial need, special interests, and other unique attributes qualify exceptional students for this scholarship support.

The Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy is able to award tuition scholarships to students currently attending the School, These scholarships are extremely competitive and are based primarily on academic standing, merit and financial need. Amounts vary and generally range from $500 to $2500

Award Process: Applications for the Fall 2017/Spring 2018/Summer 2018 term are closed.

 NOTE: Summer 2017 awards will be made, if funds are available, in April 2017 and be based on the applications submitted in Spring 2016. Application for the Fall 2016 through Summer 2017 awards will be posted in May 2017.

Notification:  Scholarship notification is sent to the primary address.  Only students offered a scholarship will be notified.

Eligibility: Students must be in their professional years in Pharmacy: 3rd thru 6th year of the program (P1 to P4) and in good academic standing.

1st and 2nd year Pre-Professional students are not eligible for Pharmacy based scholarships.  Please refer to the other available resource link below for information concerning scholarship support.

Other sources of financial aid:

Requirements: Invest time in thanking your scholarship donor. Your donor has made an investment in you.

You can be proud to be a University scholarship recipient. You exemplify the kind of student Rutgers and your particular donor wish to support. Your academic merit, financial needs, special talents, or other unique attributes have qualified you for your University scholarship and connected you to a scholarship donor. University scholarships are a reflection of an individual donor's interests, experiences, and intentions. You and your scholarship donor have more in common than you may think. Take time now to thank your donor by sharing your interests and experiences, as well as expressing your appreciation.

A thank-you note simply says, "thank you"--thank you for your support, thank you for your confidence, and thank you for reaffirming dreams. So please say, "thank you," and after you do, tell your donor about your academic plans, your school and community activities, and your career goals. Describe what this scholarship means to you.

Follow these guidelines:

  • Handwrite your note, unless your handwriting is poor.
  • Address your donor as Dr., Mr., Mrs., or Ms.
  • Mention the scholarship by name in your introduction.
  • Sign your name.
  • Include your return address on the envelope.

Take a moment now to say, "Thank you."

Thank You letters should be sent as follows:

Name of Scholarship Received

c/o of Donor Relations Department

Rutgers University Foundation

120 Albany Street, Suite 201

New Brunswick, NJ 08901 

or you can send it electronically to: