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Professionalism, Integrity, and Ethics


Academic integrity and honesty are of the utmost importance in all pharmacy schools and the profession demands strict adherence to a set of ethical principles. The Committee on Academic Integrity at the School of Pharmacy includes faculty and students to ensure that our entire community is familiar with the high standards that are necessary to ensure the quality of care extended to patients. Students at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy are responsible for upholding the principles of the Policy on Academic Integrity for Undergraduate and Graduate Students. All students are held accountable for their actions. Students should review the entire Academic Integrity Policy as well as the Student Code of Conduct.

The following are some general examples of the responsibilities of students:


  • To understand the many definitions of scholastic dishonesty
  • To understand the instructions for each assignment, quiz, or examination
  • To refrain from committing any acts of scholastic dishonesty
  • To take appropriate action when acts of scholastic dishonesty are observed. To understand the importance of confidentiality in pharmacy practice and the ramifications of breaching patient (community) trust
  • To engage in appropriate classroom and laboratory conduct


Please download, print, and review the entire Academic Integrity Policy. Students are responsible for reviewing the policy for more specific information regarding infractions and penalties. Violations of any of these principles will result in action by Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy and Rutgers Office of Student Judicial Affairs. Severe penalties may be levied for Infractions; these may include expulsion from the School of Pharmacy and from the University.

Office of Student Conduct

Academic Integrity Policy

University Code of Student Conduct

The Judicial Process for Conduct Violations and Separable Academic Integrity Violations

Resources to Prevent Plagiarism

Oath of a Pharmacist (PDF)

Pledge of Professionalism for Pharmacy Students (PDF)


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