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First Year Student Information Bulletin
For Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy Students - Fall 2012



Registration for the Fall 2012 semester is completed by the Office of Academic Services for students enrolled at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy. There is no need for you to attend any orientations or meetings during the Spring semester. Registration at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy is based upon your placement test results. Information regarding how to read and understand your placement test results can be found here.

Students wishing to register for a Byrne First Year Seminar may do so online beginning in late June at Please note that required course work takes precedence over Byrne First Year Seminars. If the only open sections of required courses conflict with a Byrne seminar, you will be required to drop the Byrne seminar.

Program of Study

Your preliminary Fall Term Program of Study will be mailed during the middle of August.  Please retain this copy for you own information and bring it with you when you come on campus to begin your Fall Term. Every effort was made to accommodate your course needs based upon your placement test results by the Office of Academic Services.

This Program represents courses for which you will be registered provided you have returned your Bill Payment Card with appropriate payment to the Cashier’s Office. All students, regardless of the manner of payment, MUST return the Bill Payment Card to the appropriate Rutgers University Cashier’s Office.

Adjustments were made in keeping with placement results or to resolve scheduling conflicts.  Students who place into 100 level Biology or Chemistry courses will not be able to change these courses without permission of the Associate Dean, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Room 102.

First Day Of Class

Tuesday, September 4, 2012, is the First Day of the 2012 Fall Term.

First year students at the School may alter their programs of study on those days which correspond to their degree credits. Degree credits are credits already earned toward graduation. They do not include credits for courses in progress.  See the change schedule below.

Should you find it necessary to change a clourse or section, please go to the following website:

Additional information related to registration activities will be found in your campus post office box when the Fall Term starts.


TBD TBD 0 degree credits and above

ALL STUDENTS, including Non-Matri

* Available from 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. — TTRS ONLY


The University will no longer mail paper term bills to your home address.  Please click here for further information and access to your account.


Students whose registrations were canceled for non-payment or late payment of tuition and fees must reregister in person beginning on September 1st. Consult with the Academic Program Coordinator, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Room 102 for instructions.

Contact with the Cashier to obtain proof of payment is essential before reregistering for courses that were canceled.

If you submitted registration material and then find it necessary to cancel your registration and expect a full refund of tuition and fees, the Registrar must receive written notice prior to the first day of class, September 4th.

General Information

  • Rutgers observes Major Religious Holidays which occur on Class Days.   These days may be found in the Fall Schedule of Classes.  Generally, Instructors are asked not to schedule tests or mark observing students absent on these days.
  • During the term, students are urged to use WebReg to verify that their programs of study correctly reflect the courses and sections that are being attended.
  • If there is a discrepancy, please visit the Office of the Registrar immediately to correct any error.
  • Students are expected to attend all classes. Anticipated course or section changes do not excuse from class attendance while awaiting one’s scheduled day to make a change.
  • Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the 2012-2013 school year online at the Office of Scheduling and Space Management Website.  This calendar will provide you with important information you need to plan your own schedule for the coming academic year.