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Grants and Grant Accounting Information

Audit Findings
Award Notices - Sponsor
Close Out Procedures
Cost Sharing
Cost Transfer
Effort Reporting
Expenditure Guidelines
Facilities and Administrative Cost Rates
Faculty Extra Compensation
Faculty Summer Compensation
Financial Reports
Fringe Benefit Rates
Human Subject Fees
Institutional Prior Approval (IPAS)
Journal Entry Preparation
National Institute of Health - Salary Cap
No-Cost Extension and Budget Revision Requests
Other Pay Documentation
Prior Approval to Incur Expenditures Prior to Receipt of Award
Subcodes for 42 Accounts
Subaward & Subcontract - Information
Supplement to Personnel Data Record (PDR) Form
Technical Report Requirements
Trainee or Fellow Titles on Research Projects
Transfer of Grants and Contracts
Tuition Remission for Graduate Assistants
Unallowable Cost on Federal Programs


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