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PharmD Program - an Overview

The Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at Rutgers University offers a distinguished professional program leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree.

The Doctor of Pharmacy program (PharmD) educates and prepares graduates for practicing the profession of pharmacy in a variety of health care settings, including the community, medical institutions, health care facilities, and the pharmaceutical industry – as well as for future graduate or professional study. The PharmD curriculum, consisting of two years of pre-professional coursework followed by four years of professional school*, is structured to develop the high levels of theoretical comprehension and professional skill required in this challenging profession. The program is designed to create independent thinkers and problem solvers who are knowledgeable in all aspects of drug therapy and who can communicate and counsel health care professionals and patients.

The curriculum includes courses in the biological, physical, and social sciences and the humanities, and an expansive variety of clinical field experiences.  Additionally, because the pharmacist functions in the context of contemporary society, the curriculum is designed to provide students with an understanding of, and a sensitivity to, the socioeconomic, ethical, and legal aspects of professional life, as well as an appreciation of the broader context of social and cultural life in the 21st century.

These objectives are realized through a balanced program of study in chemical biology, clinical pharmacy, therapeutics, pharmacy practice, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, the natural and social sciences and the humanities, coupled with a rigorous, structured clinical experience program. Exceptional students may also enroll in our Honors Research Program.

We invite applications from high school students, who will enroll in our six-year program, and for transfer students and college graduates who have fulfilled our pre-professional program requirements. These students will be eligible to enroll directly in our four-year professional program.

For more information, please browse our website for information about all of our programs.

* For financial aid and tuition purposes, students are considered undergraduate for the two pre-professional years and professional years 1 and 2. For the final two years of the program students are considered graduate students.